Lime and minerals in your daily life

Think of a typical day in your life. On waking up, you look out of the window to see what the weather is like. You shower and brush your teeth. While eating a boiled egg for breakfast and having your cup of coffee, you check the latest news either by reading a newspaper or online via your tablet. Your coffee needs sugar so you add some. Shoes on, you grab your coat ready to go to work. Before leaving the house, you remember it’s garbage day and take out the trash for collection.

Getting into your car, you notice that your neighbor has painted his garage door a different color and that they’ve re-paved your street.

Did you know that you encounter lime, clay or the results of the treatment of these minerals in almost everything you do at just about every minute of the day?

Lime, dolime and minerals are used to make the window glass you look through, to purify tap water, in the production of sugar and to help feed the hens that lay the eggs you eat. It is also present in the paper you read, in treating the flue gas released during waste management processes, in manufacturing the metal, glass and other materials used to make your car, in the asphalt used to create the road you drive on and even to produce the leather for your shoes. 

Our products are used in a wide variety of applications that we continually see, touch, use and rely upon.

Where can you find lime or other minerals?

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Wall and floor tiles

Tap water








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