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Welcome to Lhoist in the People’s Republic of China!

In March 2007, Lhoist Group set up a Representative Office in Shanghai that we upgraded to Lhoist Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. in December 2009. The following year, the company succeeded in selling Sorbacal SP products, the Group’s patented and highly-reactive product dedicated for flue gas treatment, to both the mainland China and Hong Kong market.

Presently, we are actively seeking opportunities to invest in China for all limestone-related products, as well as to sell more specialty products for flue gas treatment, water treatment and purification, steelmaking and papermaking, etc. In addition to this, the procurement team continues to source cost-competitive but reliable equipment.

The Lhoist Group has its headquarter in Belgium and is present in more than 25 countries with 100 facilities and 6,400 employees around the globe. We differentiate our business by being close to our customers, understanding their needs and providing them with the high-quality products their activities require.

We offer a huge product portfolio to a wide range of industries such as Iron and Steel, Non-ferrous mining, Chemicals, Pulp and Paper, Flue Gas Treatment, Glass, Construction & Civil Engineering, Agriculture, etc. With our international network of specialists, we also provide a worldwide supply chain, as well as associated services.


Lhoist China