Animal Nutrition

Animal Nutrition

Animal Nutrition

Animals require a daily intake of calcium and magnesium for the vital balance of their organism. We offer a range of mineral products to help you create a balanced approach to animal nutrition.

Faunacal® and CalcioFeed® contribute natural calcium and magnesium as mineral additives for animal nutrition, either in pure form or as a component in mixed feed formulations.

Broilers and laying hens have different requirements as to the size of mineral particles from their source of calcium. This directly relates to their resultant shell quality and broiler performance. Therefore, it is necessary to use certain prescribed products in each phase of growth for each specific animal category. We offer customized solutions to this market in a wide range of particle sizes that target the proper utilization of calcium.

Following new production requirements in the animal nutrition market, it is necessary to have an appropriate supply of calcium to ensure high bioavailability throughout the production cycle and prevent metabolic disorders.

Faunacal® and CalcioFeed® have highly precise particle sizes that are obtained through a rigorous quality control process conducted from deposit extraction through final packaging. Innovative technologies in milling and classification ensure consistently controlled solubility.

We are also working with leading universities to investigate and better understand the calcium and magnesium requirements of the animal nutrition market.

In addition, our products have been certified as a food additive in dog and cat foods.