A full-option solution

Our dedicated teams keep current with new logistical opportunities to assure innovative, reliable, end-to-end planning from quarry to customer.

Lhoist offers: 

  • national and international transportation by road
  • rail logistics, including railcar leasing, management and maintenance & repair (M&R)
  • barge services and transfers from inland terminals
  • storage in dedicated facilities located at inland terminals as well as sea ports around the world
  • modern harbor loading equipment
  • chartering of vessels for the short or long term
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

Automatic management of storage

Lhoist Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) supports easy monitoring of products. Inventory data are electronically transmitted to us from your silos, tanks and other storage facilities. Based on this data, we collaborate with you to plan the most appropriate delivery times and optimum refill levels. This is organized by Lhoist each time we receive an automatic warning when stored product inventory falls below defined levels. VMI is easy to install and use.

With Lhoist VMI, you

  • avoid production bottlenecks
  • save cost and labor with regard to inventory data collection and supply chain management
  • benefit from shorter delivery times, faster order processing and the most advantageous inventory levels.

A proven partner

Our products – in all quantities and qualities – can be supplied using different transportation modes or via a mix of means. Reliable and cost-effective, our services allow you to focus on and optimize your core business activities.

Two examples of our logistics in practice:

  • For a large steel customer in South America, we developed containers that optimize handling and delivery costs, as well as offer the possibility of storing lime and limestone products in a flexible way.
  • A customer in Europe requires cross-border supply to several sites. Two Lhoist quarries manage transportation using approximately 200 trains yearly and a rail fleet of 170 railcars. Selected KPIs monitor the logistic operations on a daily basis. Regular performance reviews are carried out in coordination with the customer to ensure expectations are being met.

Lhoist’s approach to designing a high-quality logistical service means delivery is right first time, every time.