Customer Technical Services

Using lime and minerals in an easy, cost-effective way

Our Customer Technical Services (CTS) department addresses your business’s specific needs by offering a global approach based on tailor-made solutions. We develop dedicated reagents and other products and implement optimized facilities that increase process efficiency and reduce operational costs .


Working closely with the Group’s R&D centers and engineering departments that are located around the globe, our Customer Technical Services have developed substantial multidisciplinary expertise. We use this to the benefit of our customers.

Our services

  • cover the widest range of applications
  • provide onsite advice and audits 
  • research literature to meet new needs and deal with constraints
  • determine the appropriate Lhoist solution to optimize product use based on your specific operating conditions
  • share know-how surrounding product usage
  • analyze customer by-products in Lhoist’s laboratories and proposes re-uses where possible
  • offer recommendations about how to improve existing equipment and introduce new installations.

On-site trials

Since all of our customers’ businesses are unique, our technical services professionals provide a portfolio of offerings. Our wide range of services has been specifically designed to allow you to opt for only those you require. We work in partnership with you to identify how to best optimize your use of lime and minerals.


  • Process and facility audits
  • Lab tests and computer simulation
  • Appropriate product and consumption estimation
  • Equipment recommendations:
    • Upgrade of existing machinery
    • Specific Customer Technical Services (CTS) trial devices
  • Trial schedule proposal and equipment implementation


  • Equipment installation and user training
  • Trial start-up and follow-up :
    • Data acquisition/regulation
    • Maintenance
    • Setting optimization
    • Logistics and quality control follow-up
    • Lab analysis
    • Material and process adaptation

Conclusion and recommendation

  • Summary of results with appropriate product and consumption
  • OPEX and CAPEX optimization
  • Support in « specifications for an installation » redaction

Support and services

  • Performance assessment on request (residue analysis)
  • Technical advice on process optimization
  • Customized recommendations for installation maintenance and continuous improvement


Lhoist has developed specialty equipment to conduct trials on customer sites. Ready to use and fitting virtually any application, they can be adapted to meet your individual needs. In the event of the failure of your own installation, for example, Lhoist equipment can be used as a by-pass. To help you save time and cost, we can build the appropriate equipment to suit your requirements or optimize existing machinery. We also offer advice on certified equipment from specialty suppliers. Our particular areas of expertise include:


Bulk storage and dosing of quicklime, hydrated lime and minerals
  • Storage and extraction (silos, super sack emptying machines)
  • Dosing (gravimetric, volumetric)
  • Transportation (pneumatic transfer, screw conveyors, etc.)
  • Mixing with other products
  • Injection
  • Anti-clogging devices (INFRASOUND)
Lime slurry preparation
  • Starting from hydrated lime or quicklime PORTA BATCH®
  • Dedicated process developed by Lhoist: DUWA-MATICTM
Ready-to-use lime slurry
  • Storage and agitation (IBC, vertical tanks and IDRA containers)
  • Dosing pumps
  • Injection
  • Mixing with other products
Measuring equipment
  • Mobile measuring units
  • Data acquisition and regulation
  • pH meters
  • Flow meters

On-site PORTA BATCH<sup>®</sup>

PORTA BATCH® - a mobile hot lime slurry production system - is a cost-effective and convenient way to use lime slurry at remote locations or on large jobs.

The self-contained, diesel-powered unit can slake quicklime (calcium oxide) or slurry hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) to the percentage of solids required for each job. Controlled batching features such as accurate lime/water ratios, slaking temperature and agitation produce homogeneous lime slurry with a fine particle size. These particles have greater surface area, allowing faster reactivity and higher lime utilization.

Lhoist North America has successfully used PORTA BATCH® since 1984 to satisfy the needs of diverse customers. It is ideal for soil stabilization and recycled asphalt pavement;  acid neutralization; water and wastewater treatment; environmental remediation and flue gas desulfurization projects.

Commercial Delivery

Utilizing our PORTA BATCH® technology, we can locate these unique slakers in regional or local areas to provide a cost-effective, industrial lime slurry to a wide variety of customers and applications requiring hydrated lime. Typically, delivery is made in 5,000 gallon tankers containing 7 to 10 tons of calcium hydroxide slurry (dry weight), and transferred to the customer’s receiving/slurry storage vessel.   Generally, the customer is then billed on a dry weight basis for the tons of calcium hydroxide delivered.

In-house lab equipment and tools

  • Laboratory analysis equipment
  • Pilot scale tools
  • Software simulation tools