Solutions for the future

To ensure that we develop and supply the quality solutions that best fit your needs, we place a strong focus on technological innovation. Hence, we have concentrated our efforts under the umbrella of our Business Innovation Center (BIC). Our highly-qualified teams are committed to continual progress. New products and processes are formulated and optimized via our in-house approach to the ‘cross-fertilization’ of ideas.




Business Innovation Center - Talent Incubator 

We look at innovation and new business development in a multifaceted way. Our mission is to:

  • drive Lhoist’s strategy of profitable and sustainable organic growth by offering innovative products, processes and services, value-adding solutions and technical support to meet market requirements for the long term
  • continue to exploit our many types and diverse qualities of limestone, dolomite and minerals to fulfill the requirements of existing and emerging applications. We place particular focus on patented specialty products for individual applications

  • research new ways in which we can make our operations as energy efficient as possible

  • constantly benchmark our significant technical talent to ensure we remain best in class and communicate this

  • guarantee scientific knowledge and our intellectual property on a global scale, via partnerships with the world’s leading industry experts and relationships with universities and laboratories.

This mission is at the core of all our activities. It forms the basis of all our efforts to continue to add real value to your business.