Our roots date back to the nineteenth century when in 1889 Hippolyte Dumont opened a factory in Belgium.

In just over a century, the firm has spread internationally: first to France in 1926 on the impetus of the founder's son-in-law, Léon Lhoist. He developed the company further by acquiring lime, limestone and dolimite plants in Belgium and France. During the last 35 years, the fourth generation of shareholders has pushed the business consistently further under the leadership of Baron Berghmans, the company current Chairman.

In the eighties, the Group crossed the Atlantic to the United States. The nineties offered significant expansion opportunities across Western and Eastern Europe, in Germany and Scandinavia. The new millennium again broadened our horizons across Southern Europe to Brazil and progressively to Asia.

Today, we are a world leading producer of lime, dolime and minerals. We continue to grow through acquisition and entry into new territories. With a focus on existing and emerging customer needs, we also invest in new facilities and the development of our portfolio of innovative products and solutions.

Over the past decades, the Group’s production has multiplied by ten and our turnover by 40. Lhoist operates 100 facilities in more than 25 countries and has 6,400 employees of more than 40 nationalities.

LUSICAL (Companhia Lusitana de Cal S.A.) is a subsidiary of the Lhoist Group in Portugal since 2001. Through a series of investments after the acquisition, Lhoisthas become the market leader in lime supply in Portugal. Today, it has a production capacity of 400,000 tons per year of Calcium Oxide.



Hippolyte Dumont

Hippolyte Dumont marries Caroline Wautier in 1889. Their union gave birth to the name Dumont-Wautier still used today to describe the plant and quarries located along the Meuse near Liege in Belgium.
Hippolyte Dumont had at that time three plants producing bricks. He then took over lime kilns in Ampsin. In 1900, he acquired a quarry in Hermalle-sous-Huy where he built, between 1901 and 1912, nine lime kilns. The head quarter in Hermalle was born!
This versatile and enterprising man is the founder of the group that bears today the name of his son in law Leon Lhoist.


Leon Lhoist

Léon Lhoist, Hippolyte's son-in-law, sets up "Etablissements Léon Lhoist", at Jemelle, Belgium.



The establishment of Carrières et Fours à Chaux de Dugny, in France, marks the start of Lhoist's international expansion.


United States

Lhoist enters the US market in 1981 through its acquisition of a stake in Chemical Lime in Texas.
The Group expands into the West with the purchase of Genstar's Lime Division in 1986, and into the Southeast with the acquisition of Allied Lime in 1989.


Czech Republic

The purchase of Vápenka Certovy Schody (VCS) in the Czech Republic paves the way for the Group's entry into Eastern Europe.



Joint venture with RWK Kalk, Germany.


The Netherlands

Joint venture with Nedmag, The Netherlands.


Missouri (USA)

Construction of the Group's largest US plant at St. Genevieve, Missouri (USA), on the banks of the Mississippi river.



Lhoist continues its Eastern European expansion by acquiring lime operations at Bukowa and, in 1998, at Opolwap in Poland.


Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Lhoist purchases Faxe Kalk, with operations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.



Acquisition of Rheinische Kalksteinwerke Wülfrath (RKW), Germany. RWK and RKW activities are merged into a new company: Rheinkalk.

The Group strengthens its Dolomitic Refractory Division by forming Wülfrath Refractories, a merger of Lhoist Réfractaires, acquired in 1993, with Wülfrather Feuerfest (Germany), a former division of RKW.





Acquisition of the lime activities of RMC Industrial Minerals in the United Kingdom. The new entity will operate under the name Lhoist UK Ltd.


USA, France, Spain, Portugal

Acquisition of the Baker-Group USA. Refractory activities of Baker and Wülfrath, Germany are merged to form LWB Refractories.

Acquisition of Group Balthazard & Cotte, a well known Southern European lime producer, based in Grenoble, France with operations in France, Spain and Portugal.



Acquisition of the lime and dolomite operations of the Heidelberg Cement Group in Gorazdze and Sabinow, Poland.



Lhoist enters Brazil through the acquisition of the Group Votorantim´s Lime Division (Cal Itaú) comprising 4 plants in Minas Gerais state (São José da Lapa, Matozinhos, Arcos and Limeira).


Refractory Division

Lhoist divests its Refractory Division.



Lhoist acquires Franklin Industrial Minerals in the USA, a leading producer of processed limestone and ball clay, operating nine plants in the Southeast of the US and Texas.



Lhoist acquires a limestone quarry near Ipoh, Malaysia.



A joint venture of Lhoist and the Russian metallurgical group TMK is granted a mining license for the exploitation of a quarry in the Urals.

Lhoist and the Suhail Bahwan Group set up a joint venture company, Bahwan Lhoist LLC, to explore and develop limestone and dolomite resources in Oman.



Setting up of the joint venture Cal Norte e Nordeste S.A.



Acquisition of Megah Jaya Industries Sdn Bhd.



Acquisition of Araguaia Mineração et Indústria Ltda.



The acquisition of Steetley Dolomite allows Lhoist to supply dolime to customers in the UK steel industry for the first time, as well as providing an additional supply source for its non-UK dolime customers. In addition, the acquisition of Steetley adds new products to the Lhoist portfolio, opening further opportunities to supply dolime in the refractory and steel sectors.


Malaysia & Singapore

Acquisition of lime activities of the NSL Group.



Acquisition of HeidelbergCement's Istein and Walhalla lime plants.