Discover the multiple functionalities of lime and minerals

Iron and Steel

Iron and Steel


With limestone and or lime additives, finest iron ore is pelletized or sintered in lumps for blast furnace processes.


Lime and dolime remove the main impurities (mainly silica and alumina) from iron ore and react with them to form molten slag. They also remove minor impurities such as sulfur (S) and phosphorus (P).


Limestone and lime reduce the melting point of iron ore (to save energy).


As a refractory component, dolime or dolomitic lime is a very stable material, proven by its high melting point (2,400°C). It therefore offers good resistance to high temperatures. With greatly reduced porosity, dead-burnt products also provide better resistance to hydration (before use) and liquid phase infiltration (in customer processes). Lime, and especially dolime, prolongs the life of refractory linings.