Contribution to society - Giving back

The Lhoist Group attaches great importance to respecting both the people and the environment surrounding the sites where we mine and process minerals.  Our objective is to always behave like good citizens. We understand that we must embrace our responsibility to respect the environment and the communities in the vicinities of our operations.

Often acting discretely, we strive to proactively further the interests of society, aiming to add value in the dissemination of ideas that promote quality of life.

Open dialogue

Various initiatives are carried out with neighboring inhabitants and appropriate authorities at each Lhoist location. For example, several sites regularly invite residents, politicians and other representatives to meet with plant managers and experts. This affords an opportunity for major industrial projects to be explained and discussed. These interchanges enable us to utilize our resources in a way that is acceptable and best fits the surrounding environment.


Supporting education

Lhoist finances several scholastic chairs in order to stimulate research and prepare students for the opportunities tomorrow's economy may bring. We also fund initiatives that foster the education of children. Where possible, we work with local schools to explain our business. This can include informative visits to our facilities. Education is one of the two key themes that steer our sponsorship activities.


Community projects and culture


Culture is the second main element that guides sponsorship at Lhoist. We support projects run by local organizations in line with this. Sponsorship of artists who influence how we see the world and its evolution (visit is of particular importance to us. The Group also partners with leading musical institutions around the world.


Promoting biodiversity

Our quarries comprise a wide variety of natural habitats. A number of sites partner with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to integrate redevelopment of the environment into quarry planning and to support biodiversity, either during or at the end of our operations.