Community Relations

Given the long-term nature of our business, we create long-standing partnerships with the communities around our sites. We are very aware that our operations can be disruptive and we work keenly to minimize that disruption. For instance, we invest in advanced processes and technologies to help limit vibration, fight noise pollution and reduce dust.



Dialogue with neighbors

Lhoist initiates and engages in dialogue with direct neighbors and local residents to enable them to provide feedback and input with regards to our operations and the impact they have. We also identify ways in which we can make a real contribution to the local community, by supporting for example local education, philanthropic programs and cultural initiatives.

Support of science and technology

At a broader level, we are proud to support a range of science and technology initiatives. One example is the Princess Elisabeth station in the Antarctic, which is the only polar base operating entirely on renewable energies. This Belgian site acts as both a technological showcase and a launching pad for the wider understanding of climate.