Climate Change - Limiting emissions

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide in particular, is a key concern for modern society. Our business produces CO2 as a result of the combination of the chemical conversion of limestone/dolomite and the combustion energy used to fire kilns.

Lhoist takes a constructive approach to the reduction of our environmental footprint.


Examples of this include:

  • efforts to improve our performance and support long-term responsible development. We investigate and test new ways to minimize energy consumption through the use of alternative fuels and renewable energy.
  • increasing our usage of biomass fuels in our portfolio, investing in energy-efficient technologies and working with kiln manufacturers to improve installations.
  • playing an active role in ongoing global initiatives, Lhoist supports the development of carbon capture and storage methodologies.
  • developing products and processes to enable and encourage resource efficiency to do more with less.



While these endeavors alone will not solve global concerns about climate change, we believe that our actions demonstrate that we can significantly reduce our emissions on an ongoing basis.